Game of Presidio

Game of Presidio is a board game based on the northern part of Presidio, San Francisco. It is designed for citizens who want to participate in planning the city’s landscapes. Selected local artists’ large-scale sculptures / installation arts are presented in this game, so that players could place the works on the map and show their preferences. Therefore, Game of Presidio is a platform for local artists to have their works exposed to the public. Also, for the management level of Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, it is a way that they can know about both artists’ proposals and the public’s opinions.

Rules of Game (It is subject to change):

  • 4-10 players at one time. They can choose to start from Golden Gate Bridge side or Marina District side.
  • Number of steps is decided by rolling dices, and each round stands for “1 week” in real time.
  • Each player has a certain amount of money at the beginning, and they can choose an artwork proposal to fund when they stop at a grid that is available for installing artworks.
  • Each artwork takes “1 month” to be installed. When finished, each work has a default number of “like” (heart stickers will be placed by the work) which equals the number of half of the players.
  • When a player passes by a someone else’s project, he/she adds a heart to the project, but he/she can take away one heart from one project each month to show their “dislike.”
  • When an artwork has less hearts than its default status, it is seen as a failure case and then should be removed. In this case, the founder gets nothing back.
  • When an artwork survives for 4 months, it is a successful fund. Then, the artwork is deinstalled and the founder can get 40% cash back.

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