U-Character & U-Emoji

A proposal for a social media company, Mar. 2017

U-Character is a series of well-illustrated graphic masks that are inspired by characters from classic fairy tales or blockbuster movies. With U-Character masks on in smartphone cameras, users take selfies or photos of friends to showcase their personalities as well as discovering fantasy in their daily life.


U-Character masks are designed with carefully visual and cultural concerns. They are finely rendered but not too dramatic, compared with movie characters, so that the masks fit in users’ daily environments well and users would like to repeatedly use the masks to express certain moods.



U-Emoji aims to increase users’ engagement by turning both users and the moments that they take the photos in to cartoon with graphic motion masks. When saved as emoji stickers, they can be shared with users’ friends in Messenger or other chat tools. The masks have several themes, such as “Travel,” “Gift for U,” “Big Baby,” etc. These themes are selected based on the most popular moments when people would like to share photos of themselves on social channels.



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